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Almost Like Clockwork!

Almost like clockwork - that is the only way to describe the latest PR 'blurb' promulgated by the Communications crew at our Council in relation to upcoming K2 Cycle event.

I say 'like clockwork' because of my having drawn attention to the 'spin' emanating from our Council in my warning to Candidates in the previous post.

Here is the 'blurb' contained within the K2 promotion on the TCDC Website:

MitoQ's products deliver a breakthrough form of the antioxidant CoQ10 directly into the body’s mitochondria (your cells’ power plants), supporting natural function, health and neutralising potential damage.

“We feel a responsibility to educate the world about mitochondrial health and one way of doing this is connecting to groups of people for whom taking a positive approach to mitochondrial health can deliver significant performance gains. Sponsoring K2 is a good way for us to share the story of mitochondrial health along with the benefits of taking MitoQ and the positive impact this can have on performance," says Mr Marshall.

“Our company goal is about helping people to achieve their personal best whatever they do, so finding events where we can proactively support participants to do this is ideal. Based on the research we have undertaken, we can see a strong link between smart training programmes and MitoQ supplementation delivering performance gains, and consequently we think we can develop a strong connection with K2 participants and help them achieve their personal best," he says.

It is unconscionable for our Council to be promoting products in this manner - particularly when there is no indication of the medical science that backs up these outrageous claims.

Yes, outrageous, and I call on the Council CEO to immediately instruct his 'spin merchants' to withdraw this PR release, and resubmit it in a more acceptable manner that should be immediately obvious to him, if not to his Communications Manager.

This shameful act is being done on 'our dime' on the pretext that it it helps promote 'our tourism industry.'



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