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Candidates Need To Develop Policies

I am heartily sick and tired of hearing candidates say that they seek election simply to implement policies that rate-payers require, and when pressed give every indication of having no clue as to the direction they think Council should be heading.

If candidates do not have policies on a range of subjects including but by no means exclusively on rates, climate-change. infrastructure, (including the 'three waters' and 'roads and bridges' at the very least, as well as the important areas of recreation facilities, parks and reserves, and finally, governance and finance issues facing our Council, then they should not be standing.

Don't expect rate-payers to tell you what they want - they want to hear what you have to say on these issues, let alone all the 'feel-good' stuff that seems be 'top priority;' for T3. Remember that you are elected to 'do the basics' first up - then think about social areas that are really the concern of central Government first and foremost -central Government places enough calls on our resources already without councils prioritising them. 

You may not know a great deal about the governance and finance issues at this stage, but at least show a willingness to 'get to grips' with same, and be ready to ask the right questions at the right time., Familiarise yourself with meeting procedure so that you can 'hit the ground running.' And remember that the staff are there to serve you as elected members - be aware, very aware of when you are being fed 'spin,' so find what 'communications' is all about in the context of local government!

I raise these matters because I have seen myself, and heard from others of their exasperation at their inability to get 'straight answers' from candidates as to their positions on anything, let alone the issues that should be the real concern of councils generally, and ours in particular given the serious issues it is facing right now.




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