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T3 Candidates Meeting 

Here is Mark Skelding's 'Notice to Candidates.'regarding the Meeting (Civic, 5pm Sunday):

Greetings Candidates,

This will be the last update prior to the Candidates’ event on Sunday at 5pm.  Currently there are 3 candidates who have not acknowledged, so I am assuming they will not be coming.  Unfortunately, Strat Peters has contacted us today with his apologies.  He is unwell, and will not be able to attend.

Candidates will be invited to speak in their relevant cohort - Council, Region, Community Board, Mayor.  There will be a break midway.

Candidates order of speaking will be drawn from a hat (or perhaps a Boomerang Bag!).   Each candidate gets 3 minutes to address the guiding question:  

If elected, what will you do to make Thames and the District the best place to live into the future?

When all have spoken, we will allow the time for questions from the floor directed to the cohort collectively or individually, processed though the question wranglers.  This time will be based on the number of persons in each cohort, multiplied by 4 minutes.

So – the 5 confirmed TCDC candidates would have 3 minutes each and then there would be around 20 minutes for questions from the floor. 

Thank you for your participation.  We look forward to an interesting event.

Best wishes

Sorry about Strat - he of all people needed to be present, but I guess there is not a great deal we can do about illness. He was seen in town on Wednesday apparently looking 'chipper,' but looks can deceive.

I guess the 'guiding question' is sufficiently wide for candidates cover the issues that concern them, and is certainly an improvement on the restrictions in the original document.

Everyone should make the effort to be present, and ask 'serching' questions that with notable exceptions cut through the vagueness of the 'flyers' we have seen to date.




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