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Graf's Deceptions Need To Be Called Out!

Like night follows day, candidate election material can generally be classified as innocuous and meaningless rubbish that  generally indicates that the candidate has little concept of what it is they are seeking to achieve, or else it fits the description of egregious mis-information aimed at discrediting existing councillors seeking re-election.

But Clyde Graf's advertising - both newspaper ansd radio, fits into an entirely different category of deliberate lies designed to discredit the existing Regional councillor - Dal Minogue, who defeated him hands down at the last election when he was far more open about his 'single issue' anti-1080 agenda.

Graf has an ad in the Hauraki Herald (p.19) claiming that "in these last 3 years your rates....increased by over 24 per cent!" . He blames Minogue for this increase in a graph with red bars on it which is printed above this comment. He is also plastering MoreFM with ads claiming that Dal is responsible  for these "over 24% rates increases".

However, when you read the fine print on the graph, it states that what is represented is  increases in rates revenuenot rates increases.

Graf obtained information about rates using the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act procedure and was given information about increases in rates revenue as part of that by the Regional Councils Statutory Process Advisor on August 27 2019 with the important proviso that:

"...the increases in rates revenue identified...will not translate into an increase in the rates bill received by ratepayers...(as) new ratepayers will contribute to the funding requirements".

So in the 3 years he is talking about, with the number of ratepayers increaseing somewhere between 8,000 and 9,000, meaning that there is no meaningful correlation between rates revenue and rates increases over this period. 

Graf is giving the public phony and misleading information, and must know it is phony and misleading because of the proviso made in the OIR response by the Councils Statutory Processes Advisor on August 27 2019.

As I stated in my earlier candidate analysis, Graf has demonstrated the now well-worn Trump mantra that lying is fine - just make sure you 'double down,' and people will eventually believe it. Such a dishonest campaign certainly raises real questions about his fitness for public office.

Peripheral to this is that when one talks about average region-wide rates increases, they are not necessarily relevant to Thames-Coromandel. For example when targeted rural rates rises related to recent flood protection in the the lower Waikato and Waihou/Piako areas are excluded from the region-wide average, rates increases come down to 3.73% which sits well below the average for all our Waikato Councils, but remember that these could vary significantly depending on the timing of your Government valuation. 

The claims and record of candidates with Graf's background need to be very closely examined.  


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Reader Comments (2)

You are not insinuating that Graf has a dubious past are you Bill? Like perhaps a criminal record?

September 23, 2019 | Unregistered Commenterhigh and dry

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!!!!

September 24, 2019 | Registered CommenterBill Barclay

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