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Climate March Today

Just in case you are in any doubt as to where our current Mayor stands on this matter, here is an  extract from the Stuff Climate Change Survey published yesterday of the responses of 801 candidates for election who chose to respond - our Mayor chose not to!

What is does reveal is an extraordinary level of conservatism amongst the mayors from around the country. - the 12 or do who refused to sign the Local Government Association Declaration came up with the most bizarre range of excuses, none more bizarre than that of our own. It is encapsulated in the following which I re-publish here on the day when it behoves all of us to contemplate just what lies ahead following the release of the latest United Nations Report earlier this week.

Here it is:

Thames-Coromandel mayor Sandra Goudie is also not signing the document. She had previously told RNZ that "it's got statements which bind you to outcomes that you've got no idea of, so I wouldn't sign a contract without knowing specifications."

There are no binding resolutions in the declaration.

The vast majority of the 78 mayors and chairs said they believed the science on climate change, though some refused to answer or hedged their answers somewhat.

Goudie claimed ignorance on the issue and refused to answer. "I'm not a scientist, I'm not debating the science. I can't comment, I'm not a scientist.""

I think it is important on this particular day to remind ourselves of our Mayor's stance, and decide whether whether she can really claim that she is not a 'climate-denier,' simply "ignorant," or whether this is 'twist in the wind' to get her 'off the hook.' Sandra could of course claim claim the slippery National back-bencher 'fall-back' of being a 'climate-inquirer.' What a joke!

It is significant that her only serious contender for the Mayoral position - Len Salt has come out strongly in support of the Declaration, and is uneqivical in his support for more urgent and direct Council involvement in mitigation measures.

Most seem to think that Sandra will 'cruise' in, but several informants tell me that Len Salt has really imprressed in his candidate presentations, and may yet give her a 'run for her money' with strong East Coast support.

That would certainly 'put a cat amongst the pigeons' in our all-to complacent 'Castle on Mackay'.



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