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The Candidates

I have refrained from commenting on the elections since the closure of nominations in order to let the dust settle. My intention from the outset is to comment on the mayoralty, the two council elections – TCDC and WRC, and finally, Thames Community Board.

My initial comments are based on the published statements promulgated through the council websites, and on flyers and billboards, and limited personal knowledge of the people involved. I emphasize therefore that this is by its very nature very much a personal assessment of their qualities, having obsedrved every meeting of this CVouncil excepting the last. I intend to later deal with emerges during the course of the debates as they evolve. during the campaign.

The statements are in themselves quite revealing, and in many cases shocking in the manner in which many  reflection of the lack of understanding of the issues facing each of the electorates, Shocking because one would have expected serious candidates to have examined the recent activities of each council, or board to establish the ‘what and why’ of issues that they are facing.,

No-one should be expected to take a position on anything until they are in full possession of the facts, but they could at least show a level of interest through their research. To simply express well-worn platitudes as most seem to think sufficient to get themselves  elected is naive and disrespectful, and I will indicate where I believe this attitude is indicated.  


I will get the mayoralty out the way at the outset as that appears to be the fairly ‘clear-cut,' and the result pretty-well pre-determined, failing a major miss-step on the part of the the incumbent. As with a number of candidates, Sandra tends towards lauding her achievements rather than explain what she intends to do over the next three years, but that will hardly be sufficient to see her bring her down.

Sandra Goudie claims that relationships have improved with iwi, external agencies and neighboring councils without providing the slightest evidence, and my personal observations are to the contrary., Sandra makes use of the totally spurious ‘surveys’ that are designed to paint every council in a favorable light.

As is to be expected given her antipathy towards the introduction of the dreaded CC (‘Climate-Change’) subject, it is hardly surprising that she completely avoids any mention of this, or the Shoreline Management Plan  in her Statement,

Len Salt  stands on his "long public service in the Coromandel," and his desire to create ”the best possible living and working environment for all the people of the Coromandel.” He does at least pay ‘lip service’ to climate change (“urgent”), mainly it seems aimed at getting central government to ‘pay-up.’

He is obviously well disposed towards business – particularly those involved in environmental work, and claims a “deep respect “ for manu whenua. That’s good!

Ben Parsons .Claims to “support the rights of foragers,” which completely baffles me., but I surmise relates to his ‘green’ credentials, and suppoprts “vibrant arts”,” along with “grass roots sports.” It all seems pretty ‘pie in the sky’ to me, but perhaps I am missing something that will appeal to a great number of voters. He looks forward to encouraging “wider involvements in local government,” through how he plans to do that escapes me.

Ben indicates that he will take a “scientific knowledge based approach …… when faced with conscientious (sic) and challenging issues.” He is also interested in civil defence strategy, which is reassuring, and land use, but indicates no knowledge whatsoever of current issues facing the Council.

Overall, I think that both challengers will will have a real difficulty connecting with voters from all over the Peninsula.

Tomorrow – the regional Council.




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