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Waikato Regional Council

Of the four candidates for the Regional Council, two are new to local body politics, and one  - Clyde Graf  had one term before being soundly beaten by the current incumbent  - Dal Minogue. All have quite different backgrounds – the two newbies – Denis Tegg and Liam Kedzlie both have law degrees, but only Denis has practised..Graf reveals no previous experience, while Dal was had several terms as a District councillor before taking on the regional role.

Here they are in the order they appear on the Council candidate list”:

Clyde Graf – The very epitome of a ‘single-issue’ candidate who has been at the forefront, along with his brother, of the anti-1080 campaign for many years. He claims to represent ‘Rates Control,’ but he appears to be the sole member!

His Statement refers to many achievements in the 2013-16 Council, none of which are particularly relevant today, and his claims that the current Council have approved up to 25% rate increases appears positively Trumpian – tell a real ‘porky’ and hope that it sticks.

Clyde will almost certainly take votes by ‘coming through the middle,’ but his support is likely to be confined in the main to the gun lobby (pig hunters in particular), and the large group of anti-1080 people who have kept a low profile of late.

Dal Minogue. – Dal has done a very workmanlike job on all the issues facing this electorate, though many do not understand the limitations imposed on regional councils under the Act. For instance, its role in regard to climate-change and sea level rise is confined to harbours and catchments,, including drainage.and stop-banks. Coastal protection is otherwise the responsibility of district councils..  

I believe that Dal fought strongly on environmental issues in the face of determined resistance by a majority farmer controlled Council determined to avoid further inroads through the inspection process.                                            

Dal has also demonstrated an excellent grasp of fiscal and governance issues. I do not believe that it is desirable to change direction by electing new councillors after just one term , and hence my support for Dal.      

Denis Tegg – Denis has provided strong, and at times almost solitary leadership on the most pressing climate-change issues facing our Council, with mute and determined opposition that I have myself observed at first hand. He has also worked assiduously in the anti-mining issues with considerable success. .

But I cannot give Denis my support for the position for which he has nominated precisely because I believe that he would have been far more effective  mounting an ‘all-out’ campaign for Mayor, even if the incumbent appears to have a unassailable lead. It is counter-productive in my view to seek to remove an incumbent as effective as Dal, and in the light of the respective roles of the two councils in regard to climate-change.

Denis also indicates an incomplete understanding of the WRC role in regard to transport – a complete review of which took place in the last twelve months. Denis is an excellent candidate and would certainly be my second choice, but he could be seen as a ‘one-issue’ aspirant, along with Graf. 

Liam Kedzlie – Liam is qualified in law but has never practised - unlike Denis. His experience to date has been mainly in Japan in the education sector, and his Statement gives no indication of any real understanding of the issues facing the Council. He will almost certainly take votes from Dal, and he may have been better to stand for the Thames Community Board to get some experience ‘under his belt./

Liam’s appointment as a member of the Trust Waikato Board in 2017 – a purely political appointment by the Minister for Finance would seem to support the view that he may well  be a  ‘dilettante/’  Certainly, his ownership of a local newspaper (Matarangi) would suggest that he will need to be cognizant of ‘conflict of interest’ issues in carrying out his functions  should he be elected to the Council.

First and second choices - Dal and Denis

Tomorrow - Thames Councillors




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