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'Inquirer' Comes Up Trumps On Smart

Every reader should pick up this cover story published this week by The Mercury Bay Inquirer.

It represents a courageous attempt by editor Stephen Brosnan to get to the bottom of the Smart Environmental story which I first drew attention to in a post on 3 August following an investigation published in the Weekend Herald.

I do not intend to even paraphrase Stephen's story - it needs to be read from start to finish to see just how evasive both the Company and our Council have been in revealing what is going on, and in particular, the content oif the contract that TCDC has with Smart that is suspected as having provided the Company with an unfair advantage over any possible competitor. This is reasonably based on the alleged content of a similar contract with the Matamata-Piako Council.

Brosnan has placed his small Whitianga newspaper at risk with this publication - a legal risk that appears to have been threatened by former Smart owner and Chief Executive - Graham Christian, who Glenn Leach appointed to our Council's Economic Development Committee, along with Mr Hopper of Whitianga Waterways.

Mr Christian may have secured an advantageous sale of his Company, but the buyers are now left to face the music with the fallout from this scandal, just when important new contracts are coming up for renewal.




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