The Fluoride Battle Is Never 'Won'!
Monday, September 9, 2019 at 9:46AM
Bill Barclay

Out of the blue has come another raft of oversized billboards around the country warning pregnant women of the dangers of fluoride to the children's IQ.

Tocay's Nresroom  catrries Farah Hancock's story on the subject - a story that shows that fluoride advocates must forever remain vigilant and be ready to counter the spurious propaganda propagated by the small but extremely effective, and well-funded  group calling itself FluorideFree NZ.

The story debunks most of the Canadian study on which the study is based, principally in the manner in which statistical; evidence has been manipulated for the published study. Nottingham Trent University professor Thom Baguley calls the claims made in the paper false, and University of London professor Rick Cooper points out "the children's IQ scores used include what are referred to as outliers, that should have been eliminated." 

The final nail in the study is driven by University of Leeds professor of environmental toxicology Alastair Hay who sees "the lack of validation in the study as a crucial flaw." And plenty of other evidence pointing to flaws in the study are referenced that once again point to the desperation  of the 'antis' in their quest  to find validation for their 'shonky,' and dangerous propaganda.

We may have won the battle here in Thames several years ago, but the war carries on, and our new Council will undoubtedly be targeted in the same way as the last. Local government elections always bring on this onslaught, and candidates need to acquaint themselves with the facts before they succumb to the rubbish directed at them.

The sooner the legislation putting the matter in the hands of the health boards, the better it will be for all concerned, otherwise the ignorance that lies below the surface of all councils will continue to be exploited.




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