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Electoral Returns

With all the brouhaha surrounding John Banks's Electoral Return, I thought it opportune  to take a peek at the local returns as is permissible under the Electoral Act

They were interesting, but not particularly riveting. There are no great revelations - most would not be surprised that Morrie Dunwoodie ($300), Marshall Hutt (and wife) $1,000, C Barlow of Matatoki ($500), P Dawson of Cook's Beach ($750), Warren Kidd ($750) (from whom Glenn Leach  rents his Thames accommodation), and C Linn ($500) of Whangamata contributed to Glenn's election. He only declared $4,800, which seems light, but it is his declaration.

He spent $18,984, most of which went to Communique Publishing in Auckland who seemed to handle all his publicity. No mention of Coro FM that seemed to run a continuous loop of Leach publicity, but that may have been paid for out of the $17,689 that went to Communique.

Adrian Catran raised nothing, and spent $20,000 as permitted. Phillippa Barriball appeared to raise most of her donations ($20,000 odd) from the mussel industry, other than few of her mates like Arthur Atfield who contributed $1,000 - many of her donations were 'anonymous'.  Her expenses were normal

None of the others were particularly interesting.